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Welcome, to CDMM!

You’re here because you need a website design or a larger audience, correct? We assume so.

What do we do?

Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls is a Social Media and Digital Marketing Ad Agency; as well as a web design company. Our services include the following:

  • Website Design, Yearly hosting
  • Digital Advertising
  • Video Ad creation and publication
  • Email Marketing

Here at Chamisa Dynasty Media Moguls; our services are not merely aimed at businesses, but also individuals. Our websites are responsive. Meaning they look great on any device! We offer our clients the chance to also make money off of their website. How?! Visit our blog, and learn more here.

Pricing & Terms

Our prices are as follows:

Website Design: R2,500.00

  • Once off deposit of R500.00 so we can get started and bring your idea to life! We’ll be done in no more than 7 days max.
  • Upon completion, R2000.00 is payable
  • Our website design terms will be detailed and outlined in the service agreement we send you
  • We design, host and manage your website for the year.


1. Sign-on fee

A once off sign-on fee of R900.00 is required from clients once they have signed with us. Monthly retainers will only be required from clients starting in the month AFTER signing with CDMM.

2. The silver package:

This package includes the design of digital posters, video ads and posts that meet the requirements given to us by clients in their brief. Ads will be posted live on Dynasty Ads, HitWatch, Facebook, Ans Instagram and sponsored on those sites, twice a month on rotation (first & last week), not all ads will be sponsored. The monthly retainer is R800.00, this contract will be reviewed after every six months.

Minimum audience reach will be: 2300 people

3. The premium package:

Ads we create will be sponsored by the relevant hosting media page in order to reach a wider range of views, viewers, and prospective clients or consumers. Ads will be posted three times a month on rotation(first, third & fourth week). No new ads will be created. The monthly retainer is R950.00 p/m, to be reviewed every eight months.

Minimum audience reach will be: 3000 people

4. The platinum package:

New ads will be created and published once every week each month, each ad will be sponsored by the hosting media network. The monthly retainer is R1200. 00 p/m, to be reviewed every ten months.

Minimum audience reach will be: 5000 people

5. Once off (no fixed contract) & personalized contracts 

New ads will be created in all forms and posted and sponsored for one month. The once off fee being R1500.00 (Can be changed or specified by you) Clients determine their own marketing budget and contract duration with personalized contracts. You can either choose to not commit to a contract and simply let us market you for one month, one week or even one day. Tell us how many people you want to reach and by when or how much you want to spend. We’ll do the rest. Or determine your own contract! You tell us what you want your minimum audience reach to be and we’ll do the rest by analyzing the market to see how much it’d cost.

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