Education in South Africa

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Education in South Africa

Did you know; DNads also advertises bursaries, loans and learnerships?

Yes. You read right. Dynasty Ads showcases a host of education tools in South Africa! We realise the importance of education in our country, and the need to publicize any opportunity with regards to funding. There are so many students that cannot afford to study further and have no means to hear about the opportunities available to them. With that being said, please, have a look at a few bursaries and or loans currently available in South Africa at the moment.

Bursaries and loans

What is the difference between a loan, bursary and scholarship?


Loans are awarded to applicants based on their need and family income. Loans are also always linked to interest rates. If you receive a loan you would be required to repay the loan in full as well as the accumulated interest.


Bursaries vary in amounts and professions and are given to students in order to further their studies. In return for funding your studies, the company may require you to repay them by signing a work contract with them. Another type of bursary is a donor bursary (a bursary awarded to a deserving candidate in a specific field of study or in recognition for his/her work in a specific field of study).


A scholarship is a financial award usually given to students based on their outstanding academic achievements. Recipients are not always expected to repay or work back the money they receive.

What do I need in order to apply?

The following are some documents you need to provide in order to apply. Please note that not all theses documents are required. For an exact list, consult the site or documentation of the bursary/loan you are applying for.

  • ID document (copy)
  • Proof of residence
  • Current results
  • Parents/ sponsors ID document (plus a copy)
  • Parents/ sponsors Latest payslip
  • Recent utility bill
  • Proof of registration at tertiary institution
  • Breakdown of fees due to tertiary institution


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