Why you should use DNads

Tanaka Chamisa July 4, 2018 2 Comments

Why you should use DNads

Q: Why should I use Dynasty Ads?

Q: I know right?! There are so many other classifieds site out there! Why Dynasty Ads?

A: Here is why:

  • How many other classifieds sites allow users to embed videos of their ads? At Dynasty Ads, We do!
  • We are not merely a classifieds site, but also an online community. Create a personal or company profile, get verified, share your website and social links! You basically have a page to share! A page for people to view when they see your ads!
  • We have an online store. One that you are allowed to sell on!
  • You can become a partner. This allows you your own section on our site and your own page strictly dedicated to you and your ads!
  • We offer premium plans and paid ads at very affordable prices!
  • There’s a dedicated social media and digital marketing ad agency, ready and waiting to market you on all platforms!
  • Dynasty Ads allows you to add videos to your ads, in order to captivate your audience more!
  • We’re a community


Here at Dynasty Ads, we aim to take the boring factor out of advertising. Connect on a personal level with your buyers and or consumers by following each other! Get to see every ad that they post. Get notified every time they post!

We are creating a community of buyers and sellers; where you can get to know more about the person on the other end of the deal before you decide to meet up! Our site is more than just a classifieds site; it’s a social network. Share every thought on every ad! Comment, speak in real time with the buyer and or seller!

Here at DNads, we offer you the platform to have your own page and be listed as a partner with your picture plastered all over our site!


What else?!

We advertise bursaries, student loans and learnerships! Students either in high school or varsity, are welcome to use our site and find funding solutions!

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